Our success has been a result of the hard work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual who at any time in our history has been a member of HUDSON VALLEY PETROLEUM, LLC - We have reached where we stand today primarily because we have always adhered to a set of core values which are the stars by which we have, and will continue to navigate in the years to come.

These are the intrinsic values of integrity, honesty, trust and respect which form the foundation of relationships within HUDSON VALLEY PETROLEUM, LLC as well as with our customers and, above all, with our business partners.

In order to face the future, we shall continue to embrace and foster these same values that characterize the heart and soul of our Company, while adapting and reorganizing ourselves where necessary in order to create the correct infrastructure that will enable us to take up new challenges. This is the culture of HUDSON VALLEY PETROLEUM, LLC.

For the future we have set ourselves a number of objectives.

  • First in our list is expansion, this means we want to continue going places, explore new grounds and possibilities, and develop new relationships with parties who are interested in embarking on a business venture and be part of our elite group of clients.
  • Second objective is quality and standard of service as we believe this lies at the heart of our Company's reputation and credibility.
  • Thirdly, we value our human resources and have committed ourselves to invest unceasingly in this invaluable asset. The quality of our human resources will enable us to meet the challenges of expansion and will safeguard our standards of excellence.

It has always been our belief that there are no limits to achieve whatever we desire, as long as this is done within the boundaries of reason and ethics. This requires a basic attitude founded on the principle of never enclosing or conditioning ourselves within a frame of thinking that hinders our potential for exploring new ground or experiencing new realities. This means we have to give way to freedom of thought, to the generation of new ideas, and to be open to experience.

The possibilities in life are many. We only have to search and be on the lookout in order to tap the opportunities we come across from time to time. This is how we created HUDSON VALLEY PETROLEUM, LLC.

This is the process of our evolution, which over the years, has been colored by value and by practices that have earned us the trust and respect of others. This is what gives us the energy and drive which, together with the expertise we have developed over the years, guarantees the Company's continuing success.

We have a distinctive, analysis and relationship-based organization that has become our trademark in the international marketplace.